ClearCoin’s smart contract based advertising and media buying technology offers solutions to buyers and sellers of all sizes. The use of smart contracts published to the blockchain ensures efficiency and transparency for greater trust.

Our solutions can benefit all members of the advertising and media ecosystem. Powered by the XCLR token, our Platform allows buyers and sellers to transact with seamless ease and trust. Our Extension taps into the ad blocking market by rewarding users for seeing ads while they browse the web.



XCLR is the official utility token for ClearCoin’s network of products and services.


ClearCoin’s platform enables advertisers and publishers to transact with smart contracts.


ClearCoin’s extension that rewards users when browsing the web.


We partner with organizations and individuals that want to use the power of our media and ad buying smart contract technology. If your company is in one of the below categories we can help modernize your ad and media buying process. Contact us for more details.




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We use the power of smart contracts on the blockchain to create new levels of efficiency and safety in the ad buying process. Below are the features that radically shift how advertisers and publishers will transact now and in the future. Contact us for more details.







Smart Contracts




Paid Media Buying With ClearCoin

Digital platforms create an opportunity for an ever growing number of individuals to see your message. Historically, marketing and paid media buying has been a means by which to spread ideas through cultures. The connected nature of today’s digital landscape has enabled new publishers and creators to garner large audiences. These audience clusters are targeted with greater accuracy given the abundance of information available on each person.

ClearCoin’s paid media buying solutions are geared toward spreading messages to audiences on ever connected digital platforms. Greater communication with your audience means those individuals have a greater understanding of your value. Creative messages should build a relationship with your audience and usually paid media is necessary to get the message in front of the right amount of people. As your brand’s output grows, paid media is often the avenue that compels new people to interact with your brand.

For more information on paid media buying with ClearCoin please contact us for more details.

Transactional Smart Contracts for Advertisers & Publishers

ClearCoin publishes ad campaign data directly to the blockchain which enables seamless transactions between advertisers and publishers. Using smart contract technology, payments are released to publishers on periodically as the campaign is delivered. This systematic way of transacting is divergent from an industry which often sets payment terms 60 to 90 days from the time of campaign completion.

ClearCoin uses the XCLR network token to transact these campaigns between buyers and sellers of media. The data published to the smart contract includes the elected cost per click and the intended spending of the buyer. Access to ClearCoin’s smart contract technology is available through its platform or in a managed services format through the company.

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Join & Contribute to our Github Community

ClearCoin is working on open sourcing parts of its project for community members to join and contribute to the project. The majority of the development work we have done so far is in private repositories. We are open sourcing some of the repositories as we decide what can be shared with the community. We welcome members of the development community to join and contribute to the ClearCoin project.

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