About ClearCoin

Management Team

Jay Singh, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jay has spent 14 years in technology. His ad tech companies have produced millions of dollars of revenue. Jay has closed millions of dollars of venture capital with well-known Silicon Valley investors. He has worked with brands like Pepsi and Coca-Cola on their digital advertising. Jay founded the company ViralGains in 2012, which has closed $30 million of venture capital with dozens of Fortune 500 customers. He founded the company Viral Media Solutions in 2008, which advertised for brands like Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble. Jay’s history of starting valuable advertising technology companies has exposed him to all aspects of the business: engineering, product, operations, finance, sales, and marketing. Jay has managed teams as large as 25 people. Jay is an alumni of the major global technology accelerators MassChallenge and 500 Startups. Jay studied Business & Marketing at Suffolk University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Jay is based in Burbank, California.

Christopher Elwell, Chief Technology Officer

Christopher Elwell is the CTO at ClearCoin where he is aiding the scale and growth of the platform and engineering team. He was the VP of Engineering at Purple Services, a technology company with $2.5 million of funding, 20,000 users, and 7 figures of revenue. At Purple, he created the initial mobile app and developed the software that kept Purple connected, as well as management of the engineering team. Previously, Christopher served as the founding CTO of the technology startup called WeSawIt. The company aggregated photos and videos at events and provided venues and artists the ability to showcase their events and connect with their fans. He has experience with Clojure, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, and CoffeeScript.

Michael Goldstein, Chief Operating Officer

Michael is a serial entrepreneur from the software and entertainment industry. He was a co-founder of Sneakster, an iOS mobile group messaging application. Michael managed the development and launch of the mobile application to a mass audience. He also founded Magnum Defense, a software company for law enforcement and governmental organizations. Michael is a seasoned inventor who holds two U.S. Utility Patents and has a third utilizing block chain technology currently in a patent pending status. Michael also spent time in the entertainment world working at Creative Artists Agency in their Business Affairs Department and other boutique entertainment companies. Michael finished undergraduate studies at the University of Missouri and is now studying Project Management at University of California, Los Angeles.

Yura Monchak, Chief Architect

Yura is a software development and IT integration specialist for 13 years. He’s an early developer of blockchain technology including Solidity and web3.js. Yura has experience as a solution architect, backend developer, and network engineer. He’s been an engineer for Android and iOS projects including a mobile ad tech project. Yura has programming experience with SQL, MySQL, NoSQL (Mongo & Redis), C, PHP, Perl, Shell, Python, Ruby and others. He has a depth of experience in billing systems, VoIP, Networking, VPNs, and security. Yura has expertise in building scaled systems and administration of servers and databases. He studied Applied Physics at the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

Matthew May, Chief Financial Officer

Matthew works with ClearCoin on its financial, tax, audit, and growth strategies. He works in a similar capacity with Storj, an ICO that raised over $30 million. Matthew’s company Acuity is a leader for cryptocurrency and blockchain powered companies. He has dealt with the financial complexities that arise from companies dealing with both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Matthew is experienced with the latest strategies and regulations for companies that deal with cryptocurrency. He has spent 20 years with different accounting firms including Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Matthew has experience in a wide range of financial services including tax, bookkeeping, audit, consulting, transaction advisory, and more.

Joshua Way, Vice President, Business Development

Joshua Way is a data-driven growth focused entrepreneur who has helped numerous crypto companies in an array of markets and industries. The comprehensive nature of Joshua’s experience as an entrepreneur and founder has provided him with unique insights and perspectives that allow him to view problem solving and growth from a different lens. Joshua helps ClearCoin with business development including corporate development, marketing, and long term strategic partnerships. Joshua was previously the Director of Operations at Atnip. He was a member of the US Air Force and graduated from Texas State University.

Richard Gora, Legal Counsel

Richard Gora has over 10 years of experience as an attorney in business, corporate, securities, management, litigation, employment, and intellectual property. He is the founder of Gora LLC, a law firm where he has advised hundreds of clients. Richard’s clients include ICO and cryptocurrency companies. He has advised clients from companies like Lehman Brothers, Google, and Spotify. Richard represented a confidential investment in Uber’s Series E round that was valued at $40 billion. Richard has transactional representations for millions of dollars of equity and debt offerings. He has appeared in four federal cases with over $1 billion at stake. Richard has worked with clients on corporate matters such as licensing, trademarks, formation, governance, and employement matters. Richard is also a Founder and Managing Director of Eclii Ventures. He studied law at Quinnipiac University School of Law.

Arron Johnson, Product Manager

Arron Johnson is the Product Manager at ClearCoin where he is aiding with the scale of our systems for a rapidly growing user base. He has product management experience at Soulbot Automation Agency where he worked with a number of digital products. Arron was a part of developing a health related mobile app that helps users manage their deliveries. He is working with ClearCoin on creating product flows that improve user experience and efficiency. Arron directly interfaces with our user base to solve problems, increase engagement, and grow the community.

James Borden, Software Engineer

James Borden is a full stack developer with over 10 years of experience building software for companies. He has experience with languages such as Clojure, JavaScript, Perl, HTML, Perl, C, Java, Bash, Ruby, Haskell, and Python. James spent two years at Purple Services as an engineer working on a mobile app for the fuel and transportation industry. He spent six years as a developer for Cagostech, a software development company. James is currently working on the media and ad platform for ClearCoin including implementation of advertiser functions, publisher functions, and interactions with transaction processing via smart contract. He has a PHD in Chemistry from Loyola University Chicago.

Cleary Bot, Telegram Admin & Mascot

Cleary Bot is often seen helping the moderation effort in our Telegram group of over 20,000 members. Cleary Bot is built in Node.js and hosted on Heroku. Cleary Bot can answer questions and syndicate new news to the Telegram group. Cleary Bot also serves as the official mascot for ClearCoin.

David Drake, Advisor

David Drake is Founder and Chairman at LDJ Capital, a multi-family office which deals in worldwide funds accessing over trillions in assets and maintains over 50+ global directors and family office partners. LDJ Capital has holdings in Victoria Partners, a 500 family office network based in London; LDJ Real Estate Group; and The Soho Loft Media Group.

More recently, David Drake is also seen as a leader in blockchain and cryptocurrency. He saw the value of digital assets when everyone was avoiding it. It all started in 2011 when Drake collaborated on the JOBS Act to create new laws underlying all fundraising in the U.S. for all ICOs. He runs a $200M LDJ Cayman Fund focused on cryptocurrency, mining, and ICO acquisitions. LDJ Capital Credit also offers middle market bridge financing to seed upcoming ICO’s. Previously, he held a majority stake as a Managing Partner with Robert Hambrecht in an Alternative Energy Fund NewCommons Capital 2009-2010.

Drake has been involved in TMT (technology, media, telecoms), realty, hospitality, cleantech, energy, and social impact investments for more than 20 years. He is an advocate of innovative investing in private equity, capital formation policies and developments globally, and the US JOBS Act which he lobbied for in the US Congress and the EU Commission. Because of his leading work in this space, he represented the US Commerce Department at the EU Commission in Brussels and Rome in 2012 and was invited to the White House Champions of Change ceremony in Washington, D.C. and as a speaker at the UK Parliament in 2013.

His investment, The Soho Loft Media Group, produces and sponsors over 200 global conferences annually and his articles are syndicated in over 100 publications. One such event was April 2013 for the institutional media leader Thomson Reuters, with speakers from NASDAQ, NYSE, KKR, and Carlyle Group. He advances financial innovation through his work as an international speaker and writer. He has spoken in top universities like Cambridge, NYU, Cornell, Columbia, and writes regularly for major publications like WSJ, Forbes, Huffington Post, Thomson Reuters. He is the co-author of the books Planet Entrepreneur and is the author of the upcoming books The Crowdfunding Economy and LIFEE: Life Instructions for Entrepreneurs and Executives.

Previously, Drake has as general partner in fund-of-funds, realty funds, venture capital funds, seed funds and hedge funds. Drake’s holdings have media partnership with the European Business Angel Network, European Venture Philanthropy Association, and Angel Capital Association of North America. He sits on 4 angel networks and has co-founded two angel networks. acted

Privately, Drake has hosted the Harvard Business Club of NY at his home, produced Carnegie Hall concerts and raised funds for the charities Trail Blazers and Best Buddies for many years. His years in the performing arts as a former board adviser to the Washington Ballet reached an apex March 2015 with a board director position at the New York City Opera.

Born in Sweden and fluent in six languages, David Drake has an MBA in Finance and an MA in International Law and Economics from George Washington University, where he was awarded the Wallenberg Scholarship for academic merit.

Thomas Connolly, Advisor

Tom possesses a rich and diverse background that includes corporate executive roles at Sony and TVRC, as well as Regional and Global roles as a Managing Partner and Global Industry Leader within EY. He has advised companies on some of the largest acquisitions and dispositions in the Media and Entertainment industry, including: Comcast, Citibank, Sony, Dalian Wanda, Disney, TimeWarner, and many others. Tom is a Certified Public Accountant and possesses a deep personal passion for the study of economic trends and evolving market dynamics. Within EY, Tom served as the Audit Partner on Time Warner, as the Regional Managing Partner of Transaction Advisory Services for the Northeastern United States, and as the Global Media and Entertainment Industry Transaction Leader. At Sony, Tom served as the Global Financial Controller and as the Worldwide Business Development Executive of Sony Music Entertainment, Inc., and for Sony Corp. as the Chief Financial Officer of Sony’s Internet Incubator, 550 Digital Media Ventures. At TVRC, Tom was the CEO of this interactive media healthcare enterprise. As a member of the Advisory Board of WNET, the PBS Broadcaster for the New York, New Jersey and Long Island markets, Tom served on the Audit and Finance Committees.

Tom has worked on several major M&A transactions including the following deals. Publicis Groupe’s $750 million digital advertising acquisition of Razor Fish, Comcast’s $30 billion acquisition of NBCUniversal from General Electric and Vivendi, Sony ATV’s $350 million acquisition of Famous Music Publishing from Viacom, Dalian Wanda’s $3 billion acquisition of cinema operator AMC Entertainment, and the Sale of EMI Music assets for a combined $4 billion to Sony and Universal Music. Tom served as the Chief Financial Officer for Sony’s $650 million startup incubator known as 550 Digital Media Ventures. The incubator invested in the entities that became Google Earth and MySpace. As the SVP Global Business Development at Sony, Tom developed a $30 million marketing campaign with Chrysler across multiple Sony divisions (Film, Music, and Electronics.) Tom received an MBA from Columbia University and a BS in Accounting from State University in Albany. Tom is a Registered Investment Advisor having passed the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam and the completion of his registration with the Securities & Exchange Commission and with the NYS Attorney Generals’ Office.

William Ramirez, Advisor

William is an early investor in the company. He has spent eight years working with internet marketing technology. William has a depth of experience in working with the Google and Facebook advertising platforms. His marketing technology efforts have generated over $10 million of annual revenue. William’s experience with highly scaled lead generation allowed him to succeed in several verticles including health & beauty products. William’s company Midas Media continues to generate revenue by working with the largest ad tech platforms. He is advising ClearCoin on capital strategies, advertising technologies, scaling revenue, and execution. William studied at Hofstra University.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the questions below for an answer to your inquiry. If you have a question that is not answered below please email help@clearcoin.co

Which wallet can be used to store ClearCoin (XCLR)?

ClearCoin (XCLR) tokens are an ERC20 token and can be stored in a wallet that is compatible with the ERC20 standard. When you sign up for an account with us, you will be assigned an ERC20 wallet address. Any XCLR tokens you buy during the sale will automatically be sent to the wallet address on your dashboard. We are working on a feature that will allow you to send your XCLR tokens to other ERC20 compatible wallets. Other ERC20 wallets include MyEtherWallet (no download), MetaMask (browser add-on for Chrome & Firefox), Mist (desktop), Parity (desktop), imToken (iPhone & Android).

What is ClearCoin?

ClearCoin (XCLR) is a utility token built on the Ethereum technology platform with the ERC20 token standard. ClearCoin can be used in our advertising technology product. Our advertising technology product connects advertisers, publishers, and people.

What happened to the XCLR/ETH pair on IDEX?

The XCLR/ETH pair was available on IDEX for several months. It is no longer available on IDEX and they have not provided us with a specific reason as to why it is no longer available. If a specific reason is provided we will update this article.

How will proceeds from the token sale be used?

The proceeds from the token sale will be as follows. 70% toward product & engineering. 20% toward marketing & sales. 10% toward operating & administrative.
Use of Proceeds in the ClearCoin Token Sale

How will ClearCoin (XCLR) tokens be used?

ClearCoin (XCLR) tokens are used to secure ad inventory on the companies platform. Each XCLR token represents a unit that can secure a certain amount of advertising on the platform.

How many ClearCoin (XCLR) tokens are there?

There are 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) ClearCoin (XCLR) tokens that have been created. 1,000,000,000 is the maximum supply and that is the total number that can ever exist. The current circulating supply is 527,873,733. The circulating supply is determined by what is in the general public and the issuance plan for the development fund. Any tokens not in circulation or in reserve could be used to sell to future institutional buyers, enterprise buyers, or used for acquisition opportunities and these tokens are considered allocated for future uses. The total size of the development fund is 200,000,000 while what’s intended for the public is 800,000,000. The development fund exists to support the growth of the project including current and future team members or partners that can help in building the products of the company. While the company has considered a burn for some tokens, no plan is currently in place for a burn. Some tracking websites had reported ClearCoin’s circulating supply as 800,000,000. However, 800,000,000 represents the size of the public allocation of tokens while the true calculation of circulating supply is 527,873,733. All tracking websites are being asked to put the correct circulating supply.

How do I view ClearCoin (XCLR) in my wallet?

In the ClearCoin dashboard, you will be able to observe the balance in the right module.

How do I use XCLR on a decentralized platform like IDEX and ForkDelta?

When withdrawing from a decentralized platform like IDEX or Forkdelta, you may need to send less than the full amount. For example, if you are seeking to withdraw 100 XCLR, you should withdraw 99.99999999 XCLR instead of 100 XCLR. There are 8 decimal places so the previous example uses eight 9’s. The reason for not sending the full amount is an issue with the smart contract that cannot be patched (because smart contracts are immutable). Please email help@clearcoin.co if you need further assistance.

Are ClearCoins transferrable?

ClearCoin is a utility token to be used on the ClearCoin platform. The token can be transferred between ERC20 compatible wallets. Please click here for the list of supported wallets.


ClearCoin’s Whitepaper is embedded below. You can download the PDF by using this link.  If you are viewing our site in a language other than English, please click here for a text version of the whitepaper that can be translated. The whitepaper may be updated periodically to reflect the growth of and strategy of the company.