The year was 2012. I was sitting in a team meeting and we were discussing the next release of our product. We were discussing the virtues of what features it should have, or not, what color it should be, what it should be named…

Then, I remember something that someone on the engineering team said. “Tammy, it’s not can we build it, it’s should we.”

At first, I admired his chutzpah for truly believing he could build anything in the entire world (which I didn’t really think he could), but then I thought about it. There was real wisdom in those words. And each year, as we stand on the shoulders of the technological giants that came before us, those words get more and more true.

Now, in 2018, I’d like to add to it. It’s not can we build it, but should we… and who should we build it with. This addition took me a long time to realize, and is part of why I am so excited to be part of the ClearCoin project.

I had the pleasure of growing my company alongside Jay Singh’s first company at the CIC in 2012 — you learn a lot about a person when you are both building multi-million dollar ventures — and I got to see how he focused on growing his company through a combination of great technology and great people. He created a category. He created the viral ad tech category.

And now he’s doing it again, but this time with much bigger stakes.

Blockchain is changing everything. Applying it to the ad tech space is definitely in the “yes, we should build it” category. Sixteen billion dollars of annual ad fraud is no small thing. We can address it and we will address it, and we will do it with Blockchain at its core. It is built from the bottom up with this in mind. We are at an inflection point, where good ideas and great people meet the perfect storm of market readiness.

Akasha, founder of Miss Blockchain, says it best. “Thinking we won’t be using blockchain in our business is a bit like thinking that Facebook was just for sharing baby photos back in 2007… It won’t just be a matter of which blockchain technology we use in our business, but how many.”

Combine the market timing with great technology and great people? You’ve got something truly magical.

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