ClearCoin and aXpire (AXPR) teamed up to launched a crypto acceptance gateway as an easy method for advertisers and users to buy XCLR by using major cryptocurrencies. The crypto acceptance gateway is an easy alternative to using an exchange platform (XCLR enabled exchanges are listed here).

aXpire is building blockchain infrastructure tools and their recent acquisition of BlockchainWarehouse enables their company to provide gateways for crypto tokens. The gateways are useful for tokens seeking to provide an easy way to exchange a major cryptocurrency for a token or running a token generation event (TGE).

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with ClearCoin, a great example of a company providing adoptable blockchain infrastructure in this space. This will be the first step of a much longer road for ClearCoin, aXpire and the cryptocurrency space more broadly” – Matt Markham, COO of aXpire.

The crypto acceptance gateway currently accepts Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and bitcoin Cash (BCH). Other major cryptocurrencies may become available on the gateway in the future.

The sign up for the gateway is not linked to our Platform so a user would need to make a separate account. 2 Factor Authentication is required and works with the Google Authenticator app or an alternative app like Authy.

The gateway serves as an alternative for users or advertisers who don’t want to use a traditional exchange platform for buying XCLR. Support requests or questions for the gateway should be directed to our main customer support email

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