December has been a busy token sale month for ClearCoin. Holders of 5,000,000 or more CLR utility tokens can run managed services ad campaigns with us. The core of our service offering is identifying the quality of advertising with programmatic ad buys. Other ad and media integrations are to be announced soon. We have an available managed services product offering for large-scale media buyers. We continue to hear many positive comments from people on social media and the message boards.

We have heard from a number of ICO rating agencies and the feedback has been very positive. It’s important to note these rating agencies typically use some objective scale to avoid human bias. We are in full support of objective rating scales as it allows companies to improve upon their project in a structured way. We continue to improve upon our own project by adding relevant team members, product features, and service offerings.

We have received a 5-star rating from TrackICO, a notable ICO rating agency.

ClearCoin TrackICO rating

We have been hearing good feedback from other rating agencies as well. We will try to post other ratings as they come in. We will be working on improving the objective measures the rating agencies use when measuring token sales and ICOs.

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