It’s a very exciting and humbling time to be at ClearCoin. We completed our successful token sale, which showed so much enthusiasm for the network, and we are moving full steam ahead to get our platform into market. With all the interest in applying blockchain to programmatic media buys we are seeing from advertising agencies and large brands, we are confident that we have uncovered a major need in adtech world. But, to us, this goes beyond adtech. When transparency is brought to the system, bad publishers are choked out and good publishers prevail. We often use the hashtag #MakeMediaClear, and that is what we live by. Starting with bringing transparency to ad quality, we can leverage the blockchain to truly help the digital ecosystem we all share.

So, I am very excited to present at the BlockchainFest @ Boston 2018 on Apr 15th. I’ll share my insights on “Blockchain and Advertising Transparency.”

The conference organizers at IDEAS had this to say: “The ads industry is the primary customer base for big data and AI companies. The precise targeted ads are bid deal and determined within milliseconds, and it will appear on your webpage specific tailored to your preference. Data leaking incident from Facebook impacted the whole industry days ago.  We are excited to haveTammy Kahn share insights and her valued opinions on this subject.”

Plan to be there if you are interested in hearing from various business and academic leaders on innovative topics and technologies. We have few discount passes we can share, so tweet @ClearCoinHQ if you are interested. I look forward to seeing you there.


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