Version 1.1 of the ClearCoin Extension has been submitted to the Chrome Web Store and will be available within the coming days. The update is automatically added to anyone who has the Extension already installed. The major feature addition for Version 1.1 is an invite system.

The invite system gives users an invite link to refer other users to the Extension. Any successful referred signup for the Extension gives the inviter and invitee 500 XCLR each as a bonus. The bonus is only given when the new user completes KYC.

The invite system is capped at the first 10,000 completed referrals for the Extension. The XCLR that is bonused during this program is carved out of the development fund which is 20% of the total XCLR supply. The majority of the development fund is to incentivize current and future developers of the company’s technology. A small part of the development fund is used in growth programs such as this new referral program powered by the invite system in the Extension.

The invite system includes a link at the bottom.

While there are new advertisers intending to place ads within the Extension, the integrations are still an upcoming step. The goal is to have significant demand sources that can consistently bring new ads to the Extension’s user base. The Extension ad inventory can be accessed via the Platform. Partners representing pools of demand have requested a technological integration that takes time to develop (it’s worth noting the ad buys would be converted to XCLR).

The Extension currently has over 300 users with downloads from over 50 countries including the US, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Singapore, Australia, Venezuela, India, Ireland, Turkey, France, and the Philippines. The Extension is serving roughly 200,000 impressions per month.

A greater number of users would bring a greater number of monthly impressions which would create an increased interest for advertisers who want to access the audience using the XCLR token. The introduction of the referral program powered by the invite system is a path forward to increasing the supply and demand within our network of products.

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