The token sale for ClearCoin (CLR) tokens is live now. We have already experienced a great response from people who are buying CLR tokens. CLR tokens are built on Ethereum’s ERC20 standard and the official contract address is 0xac838aee2f650a6b970ecea56d4651653c1f84a1. Our integration with CoinPayments allows us to accept 60 cryptocurrencies as payment for CLR tokens. Our other integrations allow for a delivery of CLR tokens to your dashboard. Here is the guide to buying CLR tokens in 5 steps.

1. Register for an account

2. Select a quantity and checkout with CoinPayments on the dashboard

3. You can update your quantity on CoinPayments and select the currency you would like to pay with.

4. CoinPayments will give you an address and QR code that you can use to send your payment.

5. When your transaction is complete, you will see an updated balance in your dashboard.

Important Notes

  • Due to high volume and transaction confirmation, please allow an hour or two for transactions to be completed.
  • During the token sale, tokens are delivered to the built-in platform based wallet.
  • By the end of the token sale, you will be able to send your CLR tokens to other ERC20 compatible wallets.
  • The utility for the token is already available. We can execute managed services Blockchain Media Buys for customers who hold over 5,000,000 CLR tokens. You can learn more about this on our home page and whitepaper.
  • Within 6 months, we will allow for holders of any amount of CLR tokens to execute their media buys and ad buys on our platform.
  • Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section for other token related information.

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