For greater security for XCLR holdings, ClearCoin is using multi signature wallet deployments for locked up holdings of the XCLR development fund. The multi signature wallet used was developed by the Gnosis team. The same deployment is being used by other crypto projects like Aragon, Bancor, Golem, Mysterium, and District0x.

Example Multi Sig Deployments:

  • Aragon | 0xcafe1a77e84698c83ca8931f54a755176ef75f2c
  • Bancor | 0x5894110995b8c8401bd38262ba0c8ee41d4e4658
  • Golem | 0x7da82c7ab4771ff031b66538d2fb9b0b047f6cf9
  • MysteriumDev | 0x7e6614722614e434c4df9901bab31e466ba12fa4
  • District0x | 0xd20e4d854c71de2428e1268167753e4c7070ae68
  • ClearCoin | 0xF72C4ac51efDFc8148Daf89268802946A7ecEd85
    The project page for the multi signature wallet can be viewed on GitHub at this link.

    We intend that the use of multi signature wallet will be an added layer of protection for the future of XCLR. In addition to this, other security measures are going into place to protect the ClearCoin network.

    There will be a product roadmap update this week that describes the first version of the media and ad platform going live at the end of June. The migration to XCLR has made progress as we continue to update the various service providers who need to convert their listing of CLR to XCLR. Most of the distributions for XCLR are complete. Please reference previous posts about the migration for further details.

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