Since version one of our Extension was introduced to the Chrome Web Store, it has served 1.8 million ad impressions. Given the evolving policies of the Chrome Web Store, especially as it relates to advertising, we have been asked to change the functionality of the Extension to remain on the Chrome Web Store.

There are a number of areas to consider within the Chrome Web Store policy. For our Extension, this includes how we serve ads and whether ad views are incentivized or not. Version two of our Extension release is unlikely to include incentivized ad views. As such, we will phase out incentivized ad views for the new version of the Extension.

The final date that the current Extension will reward users with XCLR is 10/30/2019. We will work toward releasing the new Extension after that date.

The version two Extension release is a pivot of version one. It has some similarities, but the core functions will be different. Version two of the Extension will be released to the Chrome Web Store first. If the response on Chrome is positive, we may transfer it to other browsers like Firefox and Opera at a later date.

Given we are pivoting the Extension product due to the evolving Chrome Web Store policy, we will also edit our product roadmap to include new dates for what we plan to do in the years ahead. The edits to the roadmap will be discussed in further detail with the launch of version two of the Extension.

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