ClearCoin has scaled itself up really quickly during the token sale process. 7,000 users, 3,000 sales, and over $2 million raised has put us in a position to continue to build upon a valuable project. It’s still early in the token sale and we continue to see all of these numbers increase. We have continued to add new security and scalability features to handle the growing demand and popularity of our project. We have intentionally saved the biggest marketing push for February and March. December and January were intentionally a light ramp.

Token Withdrawals & Wallets

New features on the way include 2-factor authentication, in-depth know your customer (KYC), and token withdrawals by the end of the sale. Please note that all tokens are being stored on an encrypted ERC20 wallet assigned to your account. The tokens are safe there. You may choose to withdraw them to a different wallet at the end of the sale or leave them stored with us. The choice is entirely up to the user. We temporarily removed wallet addresses from the dashboard because some users were accidentally sending their Ether (ETH) to the wallet address when they weren’t supposed to. We also had a bold statement that read Do not send ETH to this address and they sent it anyway. Always use CoinPayments to check out – see the buying guide.

Mined vs. Unmined Transactions

Due to incredibly high transaction volume, some transactions are taking longer to be mined on the Ethereum network. In response to this, we are building our own Ethereum node to handle more transactions. As long as you see your transaction listed as OK in the dashboard, that transaction is accounted for with us. The transaction will be mined by the end of the token sale. It will be ready in time for token withdrawal time.

The Media and Ad Platform

Our ad platform is working on a number of progressions including distributed ledger tracking, ad fraud prevention, and real-time bidding. High-level partnerships with this platform position us to create a growing demand for use of the token. The last ad tech company I started has dozens of Fortune 500 customers and the same outcome is seen for this project. We are building for enterprise customers that bring enterprise-level deals. Some enterprise-level ad buyers have expressed their dismay at 20-25% of their budgets being lost to inaccuracies and fraud. Distributed ledger technology presents an opportunity to improve this supply chain.


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