The ClearCoin token sale continues to move along successfully with many thousands of new registrants and buyers coming to the platform. We are transitioning the successful sale into an enterprise level company.

A common question we get is “how is ClearCoin different from [insert slightly similar company]?”. I answered this question in recent interviews and it’s worth expanding on even further.

Our team comes with a lot of enterprise level sales experience. I started working with enterprise level ad clients in 2008 from a college dorm room. We landed a small contract with Sears when I was 19 years old. As the years went on, I continued to land enterprise clients including both Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

By 2014, my company ViralGains had built advertising and media technology for 25 brands in the Fortune 500. The company was later announced on the Deloitte Fast 500, making it one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Jeff Bezos recently said, “your last quarter was baked 3 years ago.” Everything we do now will affect quarters three years from now.

You’re unlikely to find media and advertising companies working with blockchain that have as much enterprise customer experience as we do. Our recently added Chief Revenue Officer Angelo Kameraj has a great deal of enterprise customer experience. His biography is below:

Angelo has worked with media buyers and sellers for seven years. He has personally been involved in over $10 million of media buys. Angelo has worked with all major agencies including Starcom MediaVest Group, iProspect, Carat, MEC, Xaxis, Universal McCann, Havas, GroupM, Maxus, and more. He spent 5 years with Genesis Media, a video advertising technology company that brought major campaigns to market for brands like Microsoft, General Motors, Procter & Gamble, and Gillette. Angelo has also worked with well-known advertisers like Yahoo, Chevrolet, Dannon, The Home Depot, Macy’s, Campbell’s, Marriott, Goldman Sachs, KFC, Michelin, NBC, BMW, Google, AMC, and Nestle. Angelo recently held a leadership role with PulsePoint, a global programmatic advertising technology company. He was previously the Director of Business Development for Tout, a video technology company that works with NBC, CBS, Fox Sports, ESPN, and The Wall Street Journal.

A number of the enterprise customers that we have worked with in the past are listed on our home page. The same size enterprises have contacted us about starting work with us on the ClearCoin platform.

As we work with enterprises the demand for ClearCoin (XCLR) tokens will increase. As we have entered into a number of enterprise-level customer conversations, we are planning out the nodes that will run the blockchain ledger described in our whitepaper.

The largest media agencies and ad buyers in the world are candidates to run nodes that help determine the quality of ad inventory. As such, we are planning out priced token allocations for advertising agencies and media buyers. Enterprise sales can work in cycles that last 1-3 months. Over the next several months, we intend to announce which advertisers and agencies we’re working with to bring blockchain to the media and advertising industry.

New media and advertising deals will be reported transparently to the public because we have begun as a very transparent company. The revenue from the advertising deals will be reflected in new token buys among enterprises who seek more clarity and quality from their ad buys.

Some have drawn a comparison between the current boom of blockchain companies to the mid-90s dot-com boom. There were companies that came out of the 90s dot-com boom to stand tall to this day. An example of one of those companies is We intend that our company will be one of the lasting projects from the current boom of blockchain companies. We have team and experience to be one of the lasting companies of this time period.

Lastly, when you create new industry categories there really is no competition.

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