ClearCoin Chrome Extension

How it Works




Chrome Install Instructions

Update: Due to evolving policy in the Chrome Web Store regarding ad blocking Extensions, the ClearCoin Chrome Extension is currently only available with a manual install with the steps below. We’re working on getting a version live again on the Chrome Web Store. The ClearCoin Extension was listed on the Chrome Web Store for six months before the policy changes.

Step 1: Download the Extension and Unzip it

Download and save the ZIP file to a directory that you will remember. Unzip the archive.

Step 2: Open the Google Chrome browser and go to the Extensions page

The Extensions page can be found by opening a new tab and typing in chrome://extensions

Step 3: Turn on Developer Mode

Use the toggle on the top right to turn on Developer Mode.

Step 4: Select Load Unpacked

Use the button in the top left that says Load Unpacked.

Step 5: Navigate to the file that you saved in Step 1

Select the file and then press OK.

Step 6: Turn on the Extension

The Extension should be toggled on.

Step 7: Earn XCLR when browsing the web

XCLR is earned when ads are seen browsing the web. Ads served by us will be attributed on the top left of the ad with “Ads by ClearCoin.” XCLR is sent to the wallet address on your Extension by the 15th and 30th of each month.