Who are the advertising brands listed on your home page?

Our team members have worked with a number of large brand name advertisers during their entrepreneurial careers. Advertiser brands listed on the home page are the brands that our team has worked with in the history of their careers. The brands are listed to show the team’s capability to attract enterprise customers. As ClearCoin is also an enterprise level company, it is already attracting attention from large brand name advertisers as well.

Which wallet can be used to store ClearCoin (CLR)?

ClearCoin (CLR) tokens are an ERC20 token and can be stored in a wallet that is compatible with the ERC20 standard. When you sign up for an account with us, you will be assigned an ERC20 wallet address. Any CLR tokens you buy during the sale will automatically be sent to the wallet address on your dashboard. We are working on a feature that will allow you to send your CLR tokens to other ERC20 compatible wallets. Other ERC20 wallets include MyEtherWallet (no download), MetaMask (browser add-on for Chrome & Firefox), Mist (desktop), Parity (desktop), imToken (iPhone & Android).

Where can I buy CLR?

ClearCoin (CLR) can be bought on: HitBTC, Yobit, IDEX.

ClearCoin is only providing this information for users who are interested in buying the ClearCoin (CLR) network token.

Where are tokens sent during the token sale?

CLR tokens bought during the token sale are sent to a built-in platform wallet that is assigned to you. The built-in platform wallet is secured and encrypted. Your account owns the built-in platform wallet. This is similar to how your coins and tokens are stored on exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance. On these platforms, the private keys are hidden but the wallet and the account belong to you. By the end of the token sale, you will be able to move CLR tokens to other ERC20 compatible wallets.

What is the price during the token sale?

The price of CLR will start at $0.01 and increase every 3 days during the token sale. The price increases are done based on a supply & demand algorithm. We expect the final price that we will sell the token to users is at $0.10 toward the end of March. The price after our token sale is over will be determined by the supply and demand in the market. Prices of the token listed on our website are the prices during our initial sale to the public.

What is ClearCoin?

ClearCoin (CLR) is a utility token built on the Ethereum technology platform with the ERC20 token standard. ClearCoin can be used in our advertising technology product. Our advertising technology product connects advertisers, publishers, and people.

What are the bonuses for institutional buyers?

Buyers spending over $100,000.00 USD are offered bonuses of 20%.

How will proceeds from the token sale be used?

The proceeds from the token sale will be as follows. 70% toward product & engineering. 20% toward marketing & sales. 10% toward operating & administrative.
Use of Proceeds in the ClearCoin Token Sale

How will ClearCoin (CLR) tokens be used?

ClearCoin (CLR) tokens can be used now for customers with over 5,000,000 CLR. The advertising technology product allows customers to secure ad inventory using precise targeting.

How many ClearCoin (CLR) tokens are there?

There are 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) ClearCoin (CLR) tokens that have been created. Only 1 billion will ever exist. 200 million (20%) of CLR are reserved for the development fund. 800 million (80%) of CLR are being sold during the token sale.

How do I view ClearCoin (CLR) in my wallet?

In the ClearCoin dashboard, you will be able to observe the balance in the right module.

How do I buy it?

You can buy ClearCoin (CLR) by registering an account on with us. There you can buy CLR with 60 currencies. Please see the blog post The Guide to Buying ClearCoin (CLR) Tokens.

How are the funds being stored?

Proceeds from the token sale are being stored in secure storage environments. The funds are converted into the top three denominations available to us (USD, BTC, and ETH).

Do you accept fiat currency during the token sale?

ClearCoin has accepted fiat currency during the token sale. As a number of traditional payment processors are distancing themselves from the cryptocurrency market, we are currently working on upgrading our fiat currency payment processor. All users who paid in fiat currency have their transactions accounted for.

Are ClearCoins transferrable?

ClearCoin is a utility token to be used on the ClearCoin platform. The token can be transferred between ERC20 wallets. It is important to note that tokens stored on your built-in platform wallet can be moved to another ERC20 wallet and the feature will be available by the end of the token sale.

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